About Pelgio





Pelgio specialize in Exotic Leathers such as Stingray, Crocodile, Shark, Python, Snake, Ostrich, Lizard, Fish etc. We produce the wide range of products such as Men's Wallets, Women's Wallets, Belts, Handbags, Briefcases, Hides/Pelts and Other accessories. You can get the best price and high quality products from us.

Pelgio was established as leather products company since 1987 & introduced exotic leathers since 1995. So you can get the great products from us because we take the high quality material, neat craftsmanship & high experience to produce our products.

Our products are export to the most of country in Asia, Europe, North America & Australia. We're selling in Pattaya city, Thailand. So you can visit our store to buy directly; However, You can buy from my online store too.